Trying to lose weight?

Happy New Year to all my readers.
It’s a time for making new resolutions and I suspect many of us are starting to plan more exercise to try and lose weight. Brilliant idea! But some of us who are not so keen on exercise still want to lose weight and may have tried before. Not easy!

So here are a few pointers to help you :
– Remember the basic rule; if you consistently eat more calories than you need for your lifestyle, the excess calories will be stored as body fat.

– Our genes play a part on how heavy we are, but even if you are struggling to lose weight you can still keep active and control the situation away from further weight gain. It will always be very beneficial to your general health.

– There are no miracle diet or drugs to lose weight. It may help for a while but it is often too brutal and difficult to keep doing for any length of time (in fact, it could be damaging in the long term). Too often the end of such diet result in yet more weight gain. Desperate, you may try another similar diet, driving you to an unhealthy yo-yo like succession of small weight loss / more weight gain.

– If your only reason for losing weight is unhappiness with your body, try to work on changing your attitude towards your body, in addition to anything you do to try lose weight. And if you are not obese, there may be good reasons (or/and medical reasons) why it would be better for you not to lose weight. Discuss it with your GP or get in touch with me for advice.

Avoid all diet products that promises weight loss without changing what you eat or the size of your portions.

– Avoid diets that involve radical changes of the food groups proportions.

– To lose weight, decrease calorie intake across the board, maintaining the proportions 50 to 60% calories from carbohydrate, 30% from fat and 10 to 20% from protein.

Avoid refined carbohydrates such as sugar and commercial bread and other foods made from highly processed wheat flour, low-fat and virtually fat free snacks and sweets.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, fat substitute and products made with them. You are better off with a little unrefined sugar and real (unsalted) butter than with their chemical alternative.

– Use more calories by increasing physical activity, to try using some of the energy stored as fat. Walking, climbing stairs, housework, gardening, all contribute. Find something you enjoy doing and try to move more. It does not have to cost money.

– Pay attention to the size portion you like to eat and try develop a sense of what is enough for your to be full.

Avoid buffet and situations where large amount of food are tempting. Keep food platers out of sight if possible.

– If you like to snack, learn to snack on less calorie dense food and pay attention to the amount you eat. Fruit, raw vegetables, some nuts, even a piece of dark chocolate if you are craving a sweet.

– Finally, if you are going to eat too much as we sometimes do, remember it is better to eat too much good food than too much bad food.

If you need someone to help you learn to get in control, it can be a friend. And if you need a professional please don’t hesitate to contact them or me.
Good luck and remember, it takes 21 days to turn a resolution into a habit.


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