Homemade yoghurt

I use to watch “River Cottage” on TV and it made me realise that if you buy a fresh live yoghurt to use as a starter culture to make your own, you can split it into ice cube trays and keep it in the freezer.
Until now I was using 1 table spoon of the starter yoghurt and eating the rest so it wouldn’t waste. But I should be able to make it go much further with this little tip.

I have now tried this and it works really well. It makes your starter yoghurt last a lot longer and therefore making yoghurt is even cheaper.

And if you take it one step further to making cheese, don’t throw the whey (resulting liquid after the milk turns to curd and then cheese). Its unique mineral balance makes it very beneficial. It provides naturally occurring sodium and potassium in the correct ratio for cellular health and healthy bowel function, calcium, live probiotics to support the intestinal flora, B vitamins and other key nutrients to support elimination via the liver, kidneys, and colon, and a high percentage of water to hydrate the body throughout. All together possibly the best food to support cleansing and detoxification on a daily basis.


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