“I’m 9 years old and I was diagnosed with dyslexia at school when I was 6.
Mum has changed my diet because I’m not very well when I eat carbohydrates with meat. And with vitamins and minerals it helps me feel better.

Also I am progressing better at school. It is still hard work but I have started to catch up instead of falling behind even more. I can concentrate better on what the teachers say. Thank you.”

Antony (2011)

Dear Corinne

You are such a lovely person.

I really appreciate the time we’ve had together.

You have that amazing ability to encourage – without judgement – and to send me this prayer is so kind of you.

Previous experiences have given me horrible ‘failing’ feelings, with the attitude of – “if you’re not serious about this, stop wasting my time” but you do seem to understand the struggle I have. I know I need God to help me – you are right!

I come away from my visits to you so enthused. I go in and come out of the “Green Life” shop so keen to do things ‘right’ – and then I come home to the various needs of everyone here and …….well, I come last!!!!

I will be continuing to persevere! 

Many thanks



Carole (2015)

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