“As a mother of a young daughter, I have found Corinne’s knowledge and advice invaluable at times. From help with teething supplements through to suggestions regarding nutrition and diet.

She is immensely helpful and has been spot on solving all our niggling health concerns. “

From Suzi Davenport-Hill (2014)

Dear Corinne

You are such a lovely person.

I really appreciate the time we’ve had together.

You have that amazing ability to encourage – without judgement – and to send me this prayer is so kind of you.

Previous experiences have given me horrible ‘failing’ feelings, with the attitude of – “if you’re not serious about this, stop wasting my time” but you do seem to understand the struggle I have. I know I need God to help me – you are right!

I come away from my visits to you so enthused. I go in and come out of the “Green Life” shop so keen to do things ‘right’ – and then I come home to the various needs of everyone here and …….well, I come last!!!!

I will be continuing to persevere! 

Many thanks



Carole (2015)

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