“I am the father of an 11 year old son who has suffered Migraine headaches over the past few years and have been told by local GPs that using Paracetamol and Ibuprofen tablets would help the problem and slow it down to hopefully disappear in time. Very little success!

However, I have spoken recently to Mrs Corinne Cole and she has advised me that the use of specific tissue salts could help sooner and in a better way.

We tried immediately and the problem has all but disappeared over a period of around 6 months. My son and I are both very grateful to Mrs Cole and wish to thank her for her useful information.”

From Chris Bowden (2011)

“I’m 9 years old and I was diagnosed with dyslexia at school when I was 6.
Mum has changed my diet because I’m not very well when I eat carbohydrates with meat. And with vitamins and minerals it helps me feel better.

Also I am progressing better at school. It is still hard work but I have started to catch up instead of falling behind even more. I can concentrate better on what the teachers say. Thank you.”

Antony (2011)

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