“What a relief.

What a relief somebody can treat the whole person and not just the symptoms.

I have two daughters. My eldest daughter has very bad hay fever, her eyes swell up, irritation in the back of the throat, runny nose, because of this she suffered with nose bleeds. My youngest suffered from nose bleeds.

The nose bleeds were at times never ending, you were amazed at how must blood could come out of such a small nose.

Corinne treats the whole body, because if one thing is out of kilter then all of the body is running under strain. My eldest daughter now takes minerals for her hay fever and nose bleeds. The hay fever is not cured but she has noticed the symptoms are not as bad as they were, the nose bleeds are non existent now. If we do get one it is over in a minute and one tissue is enough.

Over all we have found a great improvement.

From Mandy (2013)

“I’m 9 years old and I was diagnosed with dyslexia at school when I was 6.
Mum has changed my diet because I’m not very well when I eat carbohydrates with meat. And with vitamins and minerals it helps me feel better.

Also I am progressing better at school. It is still hard work but I have started to catch up instead of falling behind even more. I can concentrate better on what the teachers say. Thank you.”

Antony (2011)

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